For Beginners in Craps

For a beginner in the game of craps, it can be pretty scary and even complicated and even frustrating because the games possess a lot of possible wagers. But in reality, the game is very easy to learn and enjoy. Craps is played by using a pair of dice in a one - of-a kind craps gaming table.

The initial roll on the game is called the come out. If the craps shooter gets a total of two, three, seven, eleven or twelve during the dice roll, the current game ends. If any other number comes out during the roll, it will be designated as the point number and the dice will be continuously thrown by the craps shooter until the same number comes out or a number seven comes out.

There is one basic wager, the pass line wager that most players make during the game. The pass line wager is considered to be an even money wager with a casino edge of 1.4 percent which is more advantageous compared with other casino games and gives the player a bigger chance to win in the game. If you wager on the pass line and the initial produces a seven or eleven, you will win in the game.

This is classified as a natural. If the numbers two, three or twelve comes out during the dice roll, you will lose. This is classified as craps. When other numbers like four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, it is called a point number. The dice will be thrown again by the craps shooter until the number seven or the point number comes up during the roll.

Rolling a point means a win but getting a seven means a loss. It is classified as a seven out. If a point number comes out during the roll, you also have the chance to make another wager, with twice the chance of the initial pass line wager that the point number will come out before a number seven. This wager is named the odds and is paid differently.

If the point number is a six or eight the payout ratio is six to five. If the point number is a five or nine, the payout ratio is three to two. If the point number is a four or ten the payout ratio is two to one. The Odds wager has no casino edge so this is a type of wager that you would normally make.

The do not pass wager is the direct opposite of a pass line wager. With the initial roll of two or three you will win in the game, a seven or eleven you will lose. A twelve during the initial roll is called a push. On the other numbers, the dice are thrown again and again until the point number comes out or the number seven.

If the number seven comes out before the point number you will win in the game. The Come and Do Not Come are the same wagers like the Pass and Do Not Pass with the difference that you do not need an initial roll to make a wager. When you play online craps, you are the only one playing so you do not need this type of wager.

There are a lot of possible wagers in craps but they have the same characteristic which is that they have a big casino edge. An advisable strategy in the game is that you can choose the pass line wager and if a point number comes out then put down the best possible wager on the probabilities. You will have a good chance of winning in the game if you make this wager. Craps may be a game of luck but you can definitely improve your chances in the game.