The Basic Concept of the Exciting Game of Craps

If you have been to a casino, you may have notice that the craps table is usually where the action is taking place. Many people are crowding over the craps table, some calling out the bets while others are yelling to have the good rolls. You may have been wondering how does one play craps.

When you look at the craps table, it is full of lines and numbers that are somewhat confusing especially to novices. The game of craps has a fast pace and very exciting. In reality, learning how to play craps is not very hard at all. If you are a novice player of craps, you can start at the simple bets first and then move on to the more complex bets as your level of expertise grows.

A standard pair of dice is used in the game of craps and each die consists of numbers from one through six. The main objective of craps is for the shooter to make a point number and then roll that particular number once again before the number seven is rolled.

The craps player who is currently rolling the pair of dice is called as the shooter and the numbers four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten can become the shooter's point number. Craps has many kinds of bets that you can choose from but before placing your bets on the more complicated kinds of bets, you need first to understand the basic principles behind craps.

Craps is played through throwing the dice to the farthest end of the table and both dice must hit to the far wall of the table for the game to be called as fair. If the shooter is known as a novice, there may be short throws of the dice that will be considered.

The different payoffs for the different bets you make in craps will be based on certain probabilities. The probability of rolling a particular number combination will be contrasted against the possibility of getting a seven on two dice. For example, rolling a four has a probability of three out of 36 while seven has the probability of coming out six times from the 36 rolls made. Hence, four has the true odds of 6:2 or 2:1. In the game of craps, four has a payoff of 9:5 in support of the house odds and this is where the edge of the casino came from.

When the shooter throws the dice, it is called in the game as a roll. Craps players do take turns in rolling the pair of dice in a clockwise direction. When it is your turn to be the shooter, you can opt to pass if you think you are not lucky in being the shooter. Each time a new shooter will make the first roll, it is always called the Come Out Roll.

You may feel intimidated the first time you play craps but once you get a hold of the game, you will absolutely realize how exciting and fun it is.