Craps and Its Controversial History

The beginnings and history of craps is somewhat debatable up to this moment, just like many of the other casino games. The history of craps has many versions yet all historians and experts accepted several of these facts.

It was known that the modern craps that we play in casinos today originated from Hazard, an ancient English game. Hazard was known to be first played during the time of the crusades in the 13th century by the crusading knights. Of course, many of the game rules have been modified but the resemblance of the ancient game to the modern craps can still be seen.

The French adapted Hazard and called its name craps. The reason is to categorize the Frenchmen from the culture of the Anglo-Saxon. The French changed the name of the game into craps, which they derived from the English term of the lowest dice roll, crabs.

There is some kind of ambiguity as to how the game of craps came to the American soil. There is a version that states that Hazard was able to cross the sea to France even before the start of the colonization of the Americas. The French colonists were then responsible for bringing the game of craps with them to the New World where the colony of Acadia was established.

In the later years, Acadia was conquered by the British army and was called Nova Scotia. The settlers of Acadia traveled throughout the land and were known then as the Cajuns, until they finally settled in Louisiana up to this day.

There is another version that states that the first French colonists were able to brought craps with them as they colonized the place of Louisiana. This version is quite favorable because French colonists are known to have introduced many gambling games to the Americas and blackjack was among them. The game of craps was able to travel across the American country through the riverboats on Mississippi and the game has evolved as it travels.

There is a certain personality that contributed to the further development of the game of craps - John H. Winn, a humble dice maker in America. Winn decided to further develop the game of craps and the game was taken to the next level of casino games. A simple game feature was added and that is, craps players will now be able to bet both in favor of the shooter and against the shooter. Through this development, Bank craps was created, the craps variation that we can play in any modern casino.

Craps may have a controversial history but the developments that John H. Winn contributed to the game made craps more popular and exciting to play with.