What is a Craps Tournament?

If you are the usual shooter in a craps game, you might want to practice your skills in an official craps tournaments. Some of these tournaments are absolutely free, some cost some money and a few tournament cost quite a lot of money depending on the prize pool.

Some casinos even have craps events every week with no entry cost and a small $50 dollars buy-in cost just to attract customers. Some tournaments have a requirement of an entry cost of $500 dollars or bigger and large buy-in costs of $1,000 dollars. But expensive entry cost comes up with hotel accommodations, meals, parties and even a gift.

Depending on how many participants enter a tournament, the top prize could be as big as $50,000 dollars. In events like this, the top two craps players from each elimination round will play in the next round. There are also as many as ten prize players by the conclusion of the craps event.

When you are participating in a craps tournament, you will make different craps wagers that you would have to do in a normal craps game. You are no longer going up against the casino but against the other players. Your main objective is to get the mist cash by the end of a set roll (100 dice rolls) or at a given time (1 hour).

So you need to keep track on the chips of your opponents and their wagers. If everyone in the tournament loses some cash, then the player with the least loss will win the game. When a lot of players are participating in the tournament, you will be playing in elimination rounds, which can be considered as mini-craps tournaments.

If you managed to get passed the 1st round, then you will play on the next round. Before participating in the game, study the rules because they differ for every event and even each round. Another vital thing to remember is whether to add some cash in the game.

This kind of rules will be explained before the start of the tournament so listen. Do not forget that every tournament differs from one another. The smaller tournaments will allow you to play with your own cash like in normal craps game. But once the prize cash surpasses $50 dollars, you will need to buy in before the start of the game.

Although the rules of every craps game are similar, the strategy for each game is different from one another. Remember to keep a close eye on what your opponents are doing. You will also see in the tournament that there are tight players playing pass or come wager with the biggest odds and aggressive gamblers who chooses hard and proposition wagers.

If these aggressive players continue on the same pace, they would lose all of their money in the long run. During the last rolls of the tournament, you must be aggressive especially if you are not in a good position.

Craps tournaments are not advisable for everyone to join but they are enjoyable to play especially the inexpensive tournaments. Give them a go because you will surely love it.